Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Our family has been planning a trip to Disneyland since October 2011. I was so excited I couldn't stand it. The girls were REALLY looking forward to it but I was verging on the point of going crazy. Andrew won't admit it publicly, but he couldn't wait either. Our girls are at great ages and seeing their faces at "the happiest place on earth" was going to be amazing.
However, I was also terrified for a few reasons:
1- The D R I V E... oh boy. Our girls struggle with the 30 minute drive for us to see our families. The 4 hour drive to/from Bear Lake last year almost killed them. So, we're looking at about a 12 hour drive thinking- THERE IS NO WAY WE'LL MAKE IT!!!
2- Sharing a room for 6 nights. Some families are all for snuggling up to get some shut eye together. We ARE NOT one of those families. My kids spent a total of 2 nights (between the 2 of them) in our room as newborns just home from the hospital. Andrew and I both lovingly need our space to be happy parents. So, I was having nightmares of Lily talking to us ALL NIGHT LONG for 6 longs night and visions of me escaping to the car to sleep were in my thoughts for weeks before we left.
Come to find out, I didn't need to be stressing about either of these things. However, there were a few un-expected surprises ahead. Yes, this surprised me. Obviously we are new to the family traveling scene.
Not so bad. The girls were totally content from here to St. George. Lily flipped out when we got back in the car after our brunch there, since she thought we were done. Sorry sweetie, only 6 more hours!
ARRIVAL: I was giddy! I was a little bummed out to see our hotel was a bit further than the 10 minute walk advertised on the site I used to purchase our reservations. However, I was so much in heaven that I had decided I could walk that distance a million times over to be minutes (which ended up being roughly 30) away from DISNEYLAND!!!
It was all I could do to keep myself from skipping up to the front with my ticket held high screaming "WE MADE IT!" Yes, I really was that excited. The lines were basically non-existent. Lily was a dream. The weather was cool. WE MET MICKEY MOUSE!
I was in heaven and SO pumped for 2 more days at Disneyland!!
More pics from Day 1 bliss:
Grandpa braved Dumbo! Very brave man!
Lily was in HEAVEN!! Brea was embarrassed to be in Jasmine's presence because her pants were wet from Splash Mountain. Oh my drama, 4 year old.
It was such a low key day and the ONLY problem we had was that Brea was SO MAD she got soaked on Splash Mountain. I couldn't wait to start day 2!
Day 2: DEATH...
I woke up the next morning thinking I really might die. Only a few weeks ago I thought "Wow, we haven't been very sick this year." I must have cursed myself. I seriously felt like I could hardly walk which is KINDA a problem since walking is the main activity at Disneyland. But I decided I wasn't going to address the issue, and pretend like all was fine an dandy. BECAUSE, if I was sick, there was NOTHING I could to about it besides miss out on D I S N E Y L A N D. If I just pushed through it maybe I would get through it. This did not happen.
It was still a good day. We still did lots of fun things.
We met Mr. Incredible at the beginning of the day, when I was still fairly good at pretending all was fine.
The girls were in heaven with their cotton candy. Which they better be for $4.
I saw the girls meet Belle...
And Cinderella before I wussed out. Cinderella was just about the sweetest thing ever. She talked with my girls for a few minutes and wasn't worried about hurrying them along one bit.
However, I'm pretty sure my family thought I was the worst vacationer ever and possibly the meanest Mom. I had no patience and probably looked like I wanted to kill anyone I looked at. I flipped out at Andrew and finally admitted, I have to go home. I toughed it out from 10-5 and couldn't believe I was leaving Disneyland early. Randy and Diann took the girls to see the Princesses, and I missed it. (tear)
Aurora, Brea couldn't believe it!
All the while, Andrew was walking my sorry butt home. I was so bummed but was to the point that breathing hurt. I was having a fever and chills and wanted to scream and cry and throw a huge fit. Yes, the whole day I was VERY mature. I still can't believe I got sick on vacation!!
Day 3:
This was our low key day and while I was tempted to stay in bed all day while everyone else went to the beach, the thought of staying shut in a small dark room all day while everyone was enjoying the sun shine made me cringe. I'm so glad I went out to enjoy.
We took it easy and the sun was very healing.
Brea LOVED the water. She has such an adventuresome spirit.
My brave little one.
We ended the day at Bubba Gump Shrimp, so it was Andrew's turn to be in heaven!
So, I'm feeling semi-not like death now and I am thinking "Okay, buck up Ashley. It's our last day at Disneyland. Make it count." The girls have been asleep for just over an hour when Brea wakes up SCREAMING "My brain hurts! My ear hurts!" I thought "Okay, its 10 pm. I'll give her some Tylenol and she'll got right to sleep and we'll be good." Oh, not the case. She ended up sleeping MAYBE 2 hours all night. Crying until she'd phase out and sleep for 5 to 15 minutes to wake up crying for another 30-45. Oh. my. heck. About 3 am I am thinking she's got some concussion from all the crazy rides she went on because 1- She's tall enough 2- She's brave enough, and 3- I'm a horrible mom and I let her. It was a nightmare. Meanwhile, my original worry of Lily not sleeping was totally unfounded. She slept through all this plus my constant hacking cough. Morning finally arrives. The pediatrician's office thinks it's a sinus issue and we put her on some anti-histamines and ibuprofen. Andrew's parents head to Disneyland with Lily and I'm trying not to bawl that our last day at Disneyland is ruined. Brea ended up feeling fine later on and we made it for a partial day.
Rapunzel was the main reason Brea had to get to Disneyland our last day. She was so happy to be there.
I look a little crazy on the tea cups. That's because, at this point, I am.
Am I smiling, Mom?
I felt so horrible that Randy and Diann were witness to the crazy-ness that was this vacation. I felt like not only was our vacation ruined, but so was theirs. They were amazingly awesome and I am so thankful they went with us through it all. They stayed so positive and didn't treat me like an idiot for crying about the mess we were in. Love them.
Kind of a random picture but this was the highlight of the day. How could I have forgotten how AMAZING the parades are at Disneyland?! We had great seats, thanks to Diann. It lasted well over 30 minutes and we saw TONS of Disney characters. The girls were in heaven and I was so thankful we could just sit and not move and be entertained. Loved it!
We ended up leaving early since Brea was exhausted and kept asking to leave. I still couldn't believe we left Disneyland early, TWICE!
We spent the last two days in Ventura, California. It was nice and relaxing although Brea just kept asking when we could go home and be "in our own beds."
The girls struggled on the ride home. I was hacking and Diann was starting to get my sickness. We sure know how to go out with a bang.
Needless to say, the trip was so not what I had expected. I SHOULD just be grateful we got to go and spend the time we did get there. However, I'm still a little (a lot) bummed that things turned out the way they did. I'm told I'll laugh about it one day. Today is not that day.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been a while...

So, it's been a while, like two years "a while". I've been thinking after the past two years of crazy-ness, it might be good to get back in to this bloggin' business. So, here it goes, my first post in two years and I already think I know how this is gonna' turn out. So, incase my intuition is correct, I'll just say "See ya in 2014, everybody." and then there won't be any expectation of my return to blog land. That way I set the expectation low and if another post comes up in the next six months, I'll be doing better than I thought. Here's to hopin...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, to recap...

So- I know I'm a total slacker blogger this year... or I guess last year... so I wanted to do a quick photo recap of what we may have missed.
Brea then.
Brea now.Lily then.Lily now. LOVE her crooked smile!!!Five generations together for Christmas.
Brea loves her GG. She got home from Australia this year.
Andrew loves his girls...
And Elk. Our day trip to Hardware Ranch- I know, you so wish you could have been there... try not to be too jealous. I'm just a really lucky girl.Brea loves the snow (for five minutes and then comes in to say "I'm FREEZING!" then she goes back out again.) She REALLY loves the hot chocolate we have afterwards. WE LOVE OUR COCOMOTION! Lily does not.

Brea loves her dress-ups. They are her world. She could care less about time out... so now we call the "garbage man" (a.k.a Papa Bill). Sometimes he takes them to "the dump" for a while. If she is good, he brings them back. Her glass slippers are currently at "the dump".

Speaking of Papa Bill, Brea loves him too... and Grandma Meadows (Don't cringe mom). I don't think Brea would love Papa Bill as much if she knew his secret identity.

As weird as it sounds... I don't love not being pregnant. I didn't love it when I was pregnant, but I miss it now. People are nicer to you when your pregnant. They smile at you (probably just because they are glad to see someone so much fatter than they are) and they always want to help you. However, I don't miss the way they give you unsolicited advice, when they feel there is no such thing as personal space, and when people (especially other women) like to tell you how large you are. WHY would any pregnant woman want to hear "You're huge!"??? Pretty sure I'm aware of the giant belly I carry around all day, thank you very much. (Okay, I'm done with the rant.)

Brea loved Christmas... she also loves Aunt Shell... Aunt Shell loves Brea too... she is super pumped... I'm just letting you know in case you couldn't tell. Shell hides her emotions.Brea loves stickers... this is what happens when I leave Brea alone with Lily. And so it begins...Brea LOVES to swim. She also LOVES Nemo... just a little confused, bless her heart.Brea loves Aunt Whit-ty. Whit-ty loves Brea. Apparently, Brea loves to smell roses. Brea loves Papa Butler. Watching them melts my heart.Brea really loves to take pictures... she was saying "cheese" for the entire time we tried to get a picture of this many people at one time. It was hilarious.

2009 was a great year. It completely flew by. When I look back I just love all the memories we've made with our family and friends. Those really are the precious times. I am so thankful for loving friends who are so willing to help. It humbles me and makes me want to be a better person. I love the closeness we share with our extended families. It's always crazy, but totally worth the chaos. We love you all!!!

Family Pics- Thanks Ashleigh!